Inoeve Archie v0.0.1


  • Inoeve Archie v0.0.1 is a smart IOT Box by Inoeve Solutions. Archie in version 0.0.1 provides 4 cloud connected switches which can be controlled easily used an android application running on a smart phone.
  • Inoeve Archie v0.0.1 can be connected to any electrical appliance running on standard voltage rating [Indian Standards]
  • What makes Archie more interesting is that it offers 4 internet connected sockets out of which 3 are Alternating Curent Sockets where as the 4th one is a DC 12V Socket which is suitable to run a dc solenoid water pump or dc motors which are useful in many IOT applications.

Android App to Control Inoeve Archie v0.0.1