InoEve = Internet of Everything

  • we are a bunch of builders building a connected world
  • we love to architect and design the new
  • weaving the future with the threads of present
  • creating the tools and technology to connect billions
  • we are viral and you can easily catch us and become one of us

InoEve Culture is Innovation

  • our neurons are fueled with hunger for innovation
  • we celebrate being connected with the power of independent thoughts
  • we believe in the joy of sharing whether knowledge or happiness
  • learning is not only our habit but its part of our daily life
  • small little steps everyday makes huge difference is our work ethic

Life of an InoVentor

  • InoVentors not only build, they invent
  • InoVentors not only think, they design and craft
  • InoVentors are not only creative, they are artists
  • InoVentors are leaders in what they do
  • InoVentors make things with love and ease which are impactful

InoEve Mission

  • weave the world together in the thread of connectivity
  • people, things and processes connected is our vision
  • we aspire to IOT as mainstream as computing itself
  • we want to contribute to IOTic tools and technology
  • we want to change the way people interact with things and processes
  • we visualize ourselves as a leaders in IOT