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IOT Platform

  • Cloud connected APIs
  • SDKs in different languages
  • Plug n Play Software for various Hardwares
  • Mobile apps to control and monitor your connected things
  • Complete E2E solutions
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    • trainings online

    IOT Trainings

  • IOT Basics Trainings, Duration 12 Weeks
  • IOT Advanced Trainings, Duration 6 Months
  • IOT Gigabit Weekends, Duration 1 Weekend
  • IOT Satellite Workshops, Online Workshops
  • IOT Summer Camps, Call us to join a camp
  • Inhouse and Custom trainings Orgs & Univs
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    • Exploration


    • We offer Research as a Service in the IOT domain
    • An individual looking to research? we can still help
    • Solving an industrial problem that involves research? let us know
    • Partner with us and Let's explore things together
    • Writing a research paper on IOT? why not have a word with our team
    • Think your research can help us? we would love to know
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    • We Love to Help

    Consultants & Counselors

    • Want to get started in IOT or make a career? Let us help you
    • have questions? our experts have answers
    • need to hire people for your next IOT project? not a problem
    • need technical advise for your project? we will be happy to help
    • don't know where to start my first IOT project? We are a call away
    • IOT is not your expertise and you got a new IOT project? We can help
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    • Creation at


    • Prototyping of Industrial and Consumer IOT products
    • Prototyping of University and High School IOT Projects
    • IOT Software and App prototyping
    • End to End IOT Solutions prototyping
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    • Knowledge leads to Wisdom

    Knowledge Base

    • Knowledge Base is an open project for anybody interested in IOT
    • We list different companies, projects, technologies, people etc
    • We highlight innovation happening in IOT around the world
    • Knowledge Base also covers technical details on prototyping and creating projects